Community's Grandchildren

Community’s Grandchildren


As one person, you can only do so much. We know you want to stop kids from getting hurt or dying because they weren’t properly restrained in a car. But you can’t do it all by yourself. You need help.

To be successful, you need a network of people. Building a coalition empowers a network of people to work together to create the change you want to see in your community.  You can share contacts, resources, and ideas. And you can partner with people to develop community activities, organizations, or events.

Other people bring unique and complementary skills to your campaign. You have many strengths, but everyone has limitations. Having a coalition means other people can fill in those gaps where you may fall short. Creating a team enhances the strength and builds the social network of the entire group.

A coalition is a comfortable, non-threatening setting to share knowledge, ideas, and information. A coalition allows you to brainstorm, share your stories, and create solutions with other like-minded people. Each person brings ideas, knowledge, skills and everyone leaves with more to share in their realm of influence.
If you are ready to build a coalition, the next section can help you do it.