Some Sample Presentations

Below are several examples of child passenger safety seat education presentations (including the Colville Tribe 2-hour presentation mentioned in “Becca’s Experience” at the beginning of this module). These presentations could be used by new or continuing CPS Techs to fulfill their recertification requirements.  Accompanying these presentations are  1) a SNAP Teacher’s Guide with sample lesson plans, pre- and post- tests, ideas on how to put together an agenda, a course evaluation form, and general advice to the instructor and 2) a sample student handbook with an agenda, presentation handouts, pre- and post- tests, and evaluation forms for those attending your training.


 A 2-Hour Presentation: Part 1 and Part 2

This presentation is designed for an audience of childcare providers, Law Enforcement, Health Educators, or other child service providers looking to strengthen their general understanding of proper child passenger safety seat use.

45 minutes

This presentation is designed for an audience that might include any of the above-mentioned groups that need a more abbreviated presentation.  It would also be more appropriate for group meetings, such as the PTA, Head Start, child-birthing classes, or other meetings where time is limited.

15 Minutes

This presentation is designed for an audience that works specifically with booster seat-aged children, such as Head Start, and preschool parents and teachers.

An 2 to 4-Hour Training 

Designed after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training, this 12-hour course is Native American specific and introduces attendees to the basic concepts of child passenger safety (CPS).  Intended audiences include: Checkup event volunteers, Health Educators, Community Health Representatives, EMS personnel, Fire personnel, Law Enforcement, Tribal Environmental Health Specialists/Practitioners, and Child Care Providers.

To learn more about providing education for specific groups in your community, go to the next section.