Here are four examples of plans developed by participating tribes, and the outreach and media materials we used to meet objectives.

1. Native CARS Examples

Here are four examples of campaign materials we used.

Issue: Non-parent drivers were more likely to have children improperly restrained.

Target audience: Elders

Action audience should take: Elders should keep children under age 13 in an appropriate child safety seat in the back seat of the vehicle.

Special considerations:

  • Models should look like an elder and dress like an elder.
  • Text should be large and readable.
  • Language should address specific issues for elders.
  • Message could consider values that elders hold dear—future generations, traditions.

Media samples:

Poster- Elders and infant from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes with infant rear facing (click for full-size pdf):


Radio PSA – Elder from Colville speaking:


Television PSA –  Elder from Nez Perce speaking:


Billboard –
 Elders/child in child safety seat (click for full-size pdf):

Elders and Child

Issue: Children were transitioning from booster seats to adult seats too early for their age and size.

Target audience: Booster-seat-aged kids (4–8 years old and up to 4’9″) and drivers of kids in booster seats

Action audience should take: 1) Children and parents should continue using a booster seat until the child is 4’9″. 2) They should also know and use the five-step test to graduate from a booster seat.

Special considerations:

  • Images need to show that booster seats are acceptable for heavier children or “tough guys” under 4’9″.
  • Visuals should be attractive to 4–8 year olds.
  • Visuals could be superhero-themed, sports-themed, or princesses-themed.
  • Children should star in the radio and video PSAs.

Media samples:


Poster: Hulk Hands and Booster Seat

Billboard: Colville Elders with Booster Seat

Table Top display: Booster Seat Use and 5-Step Test

Issue: People were buckling their seat belt when driving off the reservation, but unbuckling it when they drove onto the reservation. Children riding off the reservation were also more likely to be properly restrained than children riding on the reservation.

Target audience: People driving on and off reservations

Action audience should take: 1) Understand that children are always safer in a proper child safety seat—whether on or off the reservation. 2) Adults get in the habit of using seat belts, because children watch and will copy their attitudes and behavior.
Media samples:

Billboard: Spokane

Video PSA: Spokane

Issue: Families didn’t see law enforcement as part of the solution to having children properly restrained in car seats.

Target audience: All drivers driving on and off the reservation.

Action audience should take: 1) Begin to see local law enforcement as caring professionals who want to keep kids safe. 2) Understand you may be fined for not properly restraining your child.

Special considerations:

  • Images should show families and law enforcement coming together to help protect children.

Media samples:

  • Posters

Poster: Bull Rider Wiley Petersen

Poster: Shoshone-Bannock Police Officer

Poster: Nez-Perce Police Officer

More Resources

For more media campaign examples, please visit the Resources section of this module. The items in that section include media that are print-ready or customizable.

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