An effective intervention activity plan has all of these elements.  

Issue + Approach + Audience + Collaborators + Objectives + Evaluation

Each element leads to the next, and you use all of them to create your full plan with clear objectives and activities. This module will take you through each element of your plan, showing how each part leads to the next, and eventually comes together.  After that, we go over how we built an example activity plan, so you can feel confident creating your own.   See Module 6 Resources for additional intervention plan examples. Begin by reviewing the data you collected (see Module 3, Module 4, and Module 5) to identify the key issue(s) you would like to address to improve car seat use for your tribe. What are the barriers to using proper restraints? Who is at increased risk for riding improperly restrained? What strengths do you want to build upon? Some example issues we found in our data review included non-parent drivers, lack of awareness of importance of booster seats, and the cost of seats.

Tam Lutz, Native CARS Project Director

“I can’t over-emphasize the importance of using all the information you have at your disposal to help guide your approach to conducting efforts to improve child safety seat use.  I like to explain it by using the following analogy:  If your vehicle stopped running, what would you do?  Would you immediately decide to replace all four wheels, because wheels make the car move.  No.  It’s likely you would investigate, gather information, ask experts, and talk to others who have had similar problems with their car.  This would help you determine how best to spend your time and money to fix it, or find out who could fix it for you.  Just as replacing all four wheels may not be the best action to fix the problem with your vehicle, jumping to fix your specific child safety seat use issue without considering available information and resources may not fix the problem and may also result in unnecessary spending.”

Over the next few sections we will discuss each section of the activity plan.

To learn more about the first section of the intervention activity plan, defining the issue, go to the next section.