Consider viewing data as your road map –

🗺 Using the data you collected or have as your road map will keep you pointed in the right direction, narrow your focus, and help you have a big impact on your community.

You probably have a broad overall goal to keep kids safe by improving car safety seat use. Data will allow you to identify your 

community’s strengths regarding car safety seat use, and recognize barriers to transporting children safely. It will also help you determine the right approach to addressing your community’s needs, and allow you to pinpoint your target audience, by helping you focus your message on groups of people at increased risk for improper child restraint use.  All this information can then be applied towards designing effective intervention objectives, and evaluating whether your program and interventions are successful.

âś“ In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Use data to design effective community-based intervention strategies.
  • Utilize sample intervention plan drafts to plan an activity.
  • Develop evaluation measures for your intervention.