Here are the Outcomes and Standards that are written for these education topics. They can be accessed by clicking the Display Outcome & Standard button in the dialog, or accessed via the IHS Patient Education Protocols and Codes Manual:

Car Seats and Automobile Safety



The parents/caregiver will understand measures that will improve vehicle safety.



  1. Emphasize the importance that all occupants in the vehicle use appropriate safety belt or safety seat – allow no exceptions.
  2. Stress the use of a properly secured, NTSB-approved, rear facing car seat EVERY TIME the newborn rides in a vehicle.
  3. Stress the importance of never using a cradle board to secure the newborn in a vehicle.
  4. The car seat should be in the middle of the back seat of the vehicle.
  5. Discuss avoiding behaviors that can divert attention from driving, such as smoking, eating, electronic devices, pets, reading, personal grooming, or rowdy children.
  6. Emphasize the importance of never driving while under the influence of alcohol, street drugs, sedatives, medications or over-the-counter drugs that can cause drowsiness. Discuss medications regarding possible side effects with the provider or pharmacist.
  7. Discuss the need to secure or remove any loose items in the car that can fly around and hurt the newborn if there is a sudden stop or accident.
  8. Discuss the potential dangers of leaving a newborn alone in a vehicle, e.g. vehicle gears shifted and the car goes in motion, injury caused by power windows or sunroof, keys locked in vehicle with newborn, heat or cold exposure, abduction.



Education Topics documented can be tracked through VGEN.

The report could include patient name, education topic documented, date, who provided the education, and more.

By combining this information, the site can track:

  • Who is educating on car seats over a given time period
  • Which patients are being educated (can be broken down by age if desired)
  • How many education sessions resulted in consults to car seat technicians
  • How many of the consults were completed by distributing car seats or installation assistance

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