You can measure your campaign’s success based on both the process, meaning how you started and implemented your campaign, and the outcomes, meaning how well your activities worked.

Here are some of the ways we measured the success of our campaign:

Process measures:

  • Media saturation: We counted how many times the radio and television PSAs were broadcast.
  • Table tent, billboard, and poster coverage: We counted the number table tents, billboards, and posters we placed—in elder centers, fitness buildings, Tribal Offices, the Indian Health Service, casinos, hotels, and grocery stores.

Outcome measures:

  • Installation visitors: We counted the number of people who came in for assistance with car seat installation, because they heard a campaign message.
  • Attendance: We counted the number of people who attended informational meetings mentioned in media messages.
  • Surveys: We asked people at health fairs or in the clinic if they have seen or heard the media messages. Then, we documented the percentage who said, “Yes.”

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