Keeping people motivated and free from burnout was the number one obstacle we had to overcome. Here are some ideas we learned to keep people motivated:

  • Set and make realistic expectations at the beginning. Being on the coalition can be hard work. And many people are resistant to change. But change can and will come—it’ll just be at a slower process than we want.
  • Give a lot of positive feedback to members. Continually encourage members by saying they are making a difference. And make them feel like they’re needed.
  • Reward coalition members for their time. For example, if they do an event, give them a small gift card as a token of appreciation—like $5 if it was an in-town event or $10 if it was an out-of-town event. For ideas on how to pay for items like this, see Module 1.8 Seek Funding for Your Coalition.
  • Allow coalition members to only attend meetings pertaining to their area of expertise. Be aware that your coalition team members may change as you approach new topics. But you should still expect your core few people present at all meetings.

Next, you can learn how to brand and advertise your coalition.