Do you already have a distribution program? There is always room for improvement! The same process we use for starting a distribution program can help you improve your existing program. Some ideas for expanding or improving your program include:

  • Make new partnerships.
  • Set new goals.
  • Conduct a needs assessment.
  • A simple way to expand your program is to look at who is eligible to receive seats in the current program. Who needs seats, but gets turned away?  Is it possible that families who need a second car seat for additional vehicles are not receiving them? What about car seats for grandparents or other caregivers who regularly transports children? People who are barely above the income criteria for car seats may not be able to afford to buy their own car safety seats.
A Tip from the Field

We had a child safety seat distribution program, but a lot of people in the community told us that they did not qualify for a seat because only parents could receive a seat from the program. There were people who drove kids every single day, but could not get a seat! Like grandparents who always picked kids up from school. It did not work logistically for the mom to move the seat to the grandparent’s car, since she dropped the kids off in the morning, then went straight to work. So, we worked to change our program policy to include people who were not the child’s parents, but transported children regularly, and met the income requirements. We got a lot more seats out the door to people who were using them. As a result, kids who had been riding in just a seat belt after school, preschool, or daycare, were now riding in a child safety seat. This helped with consistency too. It got kids used to riding in a seat all the time, no matter what car they were riding in.”



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